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Peter's Notes Page

This page is made up of the various emailed links and notes that were sent out to attendees to help
with the meeting preparation and General knowledge.

Us Too warriors (3/15/18)

Subject: PCa both hormone naive or CRPC with and without mets

Us Too warriors,
See if you can access this website to discuss treatment for men with PCa both hormone naive or CRPC with and without mets. Peter

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Link: PCa
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Us Too warriors (3/15/18)

Subject: March 15 Meeting Handout

Us Too Warriors, I hope you can make the meeting tomorrow night. I will be discussing what I have learn about treating advanced cancer which discusses what most doctors will recommend to you if your cancer has progressed at this time. This is a fast moving field and it is not something we have discussed ever at our meetings.and it may be changed over the next several years with more studies and treatments come out.

Ps. I continue to do unbelievably well as my PSA has now drop more than 99% in 3 months to 0.106 as I travel at less beaten path. I will have to wait for sometime in the future for imaging to tell me what it means???

But for now I am a happy camper! See below:for handout

All the best to you in your efforts, Peter

Use the Link below to get the Handout

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Link: Handout
or Go To March 15 Meeting.pdf
Us Too warriors (3/10/18)

Subject: Genes and the Analysis

Below is one of my genes and analysis on how it reduced my Dihydrotestosterone(DHT)to lower my PCa chances. Also, I had a very good response to Finasteride and Avodart drugs after I had PCa to lower the PSA to undetectable by blocking DHT in the year 2000. I am still using it with Casodex as helps it with ADT and Anti-androgen treatments making them more effective. It is more complex than this one gene as you will see by reading below. But by taking Finasteride/Avodart(dutasteride) pills you will block a lot of this growth pathway to slow your PCa.

Use the Link below to See What you think?

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Link: Gene
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Us Too warriors (3/1/18)

Subject: Importance of Magnesium for Vitamin D Utilization

Please read the attached paper which shows the importance of magnesium for vitamin D utilization and it also helps with bone health and calcium reduction in your arteries. The usual dose (RDA) for men is 420 mg/day but with my high vitamin D supplementation, I take 2 pills of 500 mg per day. If you take more than enough your stool will be loose. If you have trouble getting your Vitamin D level high enough (60 to 80 ng/ml) in your blood this may help.

All the Best
Use the Link below to See What you think?

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Link: Utilization
or Go To D-Magnesium is need for metabolism.pdf
Us Too warriors (2/16/18)

Subject: Milk and Other Dairy Foods in Relation to Prostate Cancer Recurrence
and Monk baldness pattern.


The authors assessed the impact of dairy (specifically whole milk) on the risk of recurrence in patients with prostate cancer (N = 1334). Results showed that men who consumed four or more servings per week of whole milk had a 73% increased risk of recurrence compared with men who consumed fewer than three servings per month. Among very overweight and obese men (BMI ≥27 kg/m2), more than four servings per week vs none to three servings per month of whole milk was associated with a threefold higher risk of recurrence.

Results suggest that whole milk may confer an increased risk of prostate cancer recurrence, especially in obese men. This information should be included in discussions about lifestyle and conservative modifications that may improve a patient's overall cancer risk.
– Gautam Jayram, MD
Recent research From the university of South Carolina found that men with "Monk baldness pattern ie. bald in circular pattern at peak at the back of the head" have a high level of an enzyme that damages the hair follicle's that also increases the migration and spread of cancer making it more likely to be aggressive PCa. So if you have this hair pattern you may need to take more aggressive action to stop PCa or its recurrence.
Us Too warriors (2/10/18)

Subject: Grape Seed Extract

Us Too Warriors,
I have used Grape seed extract for about 10 years after one of my students told me that his father with PCa used Grape Seed extract to lower his PSA significantly.
Use the Link below to See What you think?

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Link: Grape Seed Extract
or Go To seed extract.pdf
Us Too warriors (1/31/18)

Subject: A new weapon against bone metastasis?

Promising antibody treatment (15D11) for bone mets that may go to Clinical trial soon??? With my recent diagnois of Bone mets to my hip, I am looking at Bone mets treatments.

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Link: Bone Mets
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Us Too warriors (1/21/18)

Subject: Exercise may positively alter tumor biology

Us Too Warriors - The attached paper discribes the clinical trial on Exercises for bone mets.
This may be hard to do if you are in pain and if the damage may cause fracture. This study has not been report as it is on going - But it is something to think about doing if you can.

Click on Our Link to read the posts
or go to: mets in Backbone Clinical Protocol to analyze Exercise benefits.pdf
Us Too warriors (1/21/18)
Subject: Testosterone

Us Too Warriors, I just found my Testosterone which is usual Ultra high 650 to 950 over the years has gone up as expected to Ultra Ultra high at 1532. This Testosterone at 77 years is more than 3 times that of when I was diagnosed with PCa - which was 475. ( I had only thought it might go to 1200 on Casodex as a 30% rise is usually measured) This looks like a rise between 60% from 135% based on the usual base values. This amount of testosterone makes me feel really well.

I have attached some interesting clinic trial research at John Hopkins on raising and lowering testosterone alternately by injecting Testosterone and then ADT to drop it really low to try to kill CRPC cells with some success.

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Us Too warriors (12/13/17)
Subject: Theranostics - Combining Imaging & therapy in the next 3 to 5 Years a Video by Dr Phillip Koo at MD Anderson Clinic

Us Too Warriors, It is Important to keep fighting your cancer with diet, spices, anti-oxidant polyphenols from color fruits and food along with anti-inflammatories like curcumin add exercise with health oils like olive oil plus throw in a few off label drugs use of anticancer drugs (I am know using 7 off label drugs) and I hope to be around in 2023 when the FDA approves the theranostic procedures shown in the Video attached below. I hope I will not need to go overseas to have access to the procedures which will be available in Europe and India sooner maybe 2 years.
All the best Peter

Click on Our Link to see the 17 minute Video
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Us Too warriors (11/19/17)
Subject: Yogurt, Milk Cheese and Ice Cream

The below provides information about Fruitose sugar and dairy's increase in PCa occurrence and growth. Also, milk contains a sugar called Lactose This type of information about dairy products made me stop eating and drinking dairy over 15 years ago and to avoid calcium supplements. I use higher doses of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 to keep my bones health (high Bone Density) from knowledge from bone tissue engineering research with Broccolli my main source of calcium with the hope that high bone density will keep circulating.
Have a Good Thanksgiving,

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Link: Milk Cheese Ice Cream
or Go To 18 18 Milk Cheese and Ice Cream3.pdf
Us Too warriors (11/19/17)
Subject: New Shingles Shot

Warriors, It is recommended that you get this shot even if you have had the old type vaccine. It Should be available in the next one or two months at pharmacies. The shot is called Shingrix Vaccine.The live attenuated herpes zoster vaccine, which is the current vaccine used in the US, is only 70% effective in preventing herpes zoster for persons aged 50 to 59 years, 64% for those 60 to 69 years, and 38% for those 70 years of age or older. The new Shingrix vaccine was 97%, with little difference across age groups.

Click or copy these websites to your internet browser The first one is a video from Dr Snuffy Myers about the need for shingles, flu and pneumonia vaccines and second website discusses the new shingles vaccine:

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"Dr Snuffy Myers"
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"New Shingles Vaccine"
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​ I have had shingles twice in a period of 4 months in 2013 (once on each side of my body).. Fortunately, because of the anti-inflammatories etc, that I take and herbal research to add supplements to fight shingles specifically, my cases did not do permanent nerve damage and I recovered well as I only had pain from swelling knots in my scalp no open sores and I recovered relatively quickly. But My PSA started to rise quicker soon afterward the four months passed
All the Best​
Peter Moon PhD
Us Too warriors (11/04/17)
Subject: Optimal Duration of Hormone Therapy With Radiation for Localized Prostate Cancer

RVA Us Too Warriors, The length of time for hormone therapy combined with Radiation treatment is a question that many men need to consider if they are considering this treatment combination. The website video below discusses some of the factors that influence this decision. I hope it helps you to consider what is best for you and your situation.

All the best Peter

Click on Our Link to see the 5 minute Video
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Us Too warriors (10/21/17)
Subject: Vitamin D3

Us Too Warriors, This information about Vitamin D levels and several cancers shows the benefits of Supplementing with Vitamin D especially with winter coming on. The highest values of vitamin D in these graphs is low at above> 33ng/ml in the blood. Dr Myers likes it between 60 to 80 ng/ml. My gene analysis show I am a poor vitamin D absorber (~60% of normal absorption) so I take about 20,000 IU of Vitamin D a day to have level of about 100 ng/ml in my blood. Most people can take 5,000 to 10000 IU per day to get there blood level of Vitamin D in a good health range. The average supplementation in our group of 45 men responding was 8,666 IU. Most of the men taking less than 5,000 IU.per day were not in the range 60 to 80 ng/ml I have a no dairy diet to keep my calcium, sugar, fat and growth hormones from Milk /cheese low. I take Vitamin K2 in "Super K " supplement to keep calcium absorption boosted by vitamin D out of my blood vessels.

I hope it this helps.

Click on Our Link to see the Charts
Vitamin D
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Us Too warriors (8/8/17)
Subject: Vitamin D3

Us Too PCa Warriors, As many of you know Vitamin D3 acts as hormone in the body any effects many body functions as most cells have receptors for it (Brain, Muscles, Bones, teeth, heart, gut , auto immune system, immune system, and can add years to your life and life to your years. etc). Everyone needs to find the amount to get your blood level in the 60 to 80 ng/ml range to fight cancer on seeing the levels in this article with winter ahead we will need more with less sun. My gene analysis show I am poor absorb of vitamin D3 at only 60% 0f the average so I take 18,000 IU of D3 to get up to the 100 ng/ml in my Blood along with With Super Vitamin K (with K2 from and a low calcium diet to keep calcium out of my veins and put it in my bones to fight hardening of the arteries and prevent my bone metastases from PCa (and now melanoma). I have sent you this chart on Vitamin D, I receive from my many sources for information so you will be able figure out thu blood test what is a good dose for you without being scared of by Doctors saying High Vitamin D3 is toxic. The suppplementation has to be extremely high for a good period of time to be a concern.

A Dr. in Brazil is reversing or stopping Advancing Muscular Scoliosis with very high doses in the 40,000 to 100,000 IU per day with 4,000 patients treated in the last 10years titrated to the patient's response. I expect that many of these patients are very poor absorbers of vitamin D so that is why they developed this auto-immune disease. You can get Vitamin D measured by (1-800-544-4440) fo about $35 without a Doctor by calling and arranging the details of the test at LabCorp blood Draw station around Richmond.

I hope it this helps.

Click on Our Link to see the Charts
Vitamin D3
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Us Too warriors (5/23/17)
Vet Most of you have heard me discuss at our meetings how vitamin D3 acts
as a hormone to prevent many cancers by acting in most of the cells in
the body if we can use supplements to get it into the 60 to 80ng/ml of
blood range. It is best used with vitamin K2 if you are not on blood thinners
to get the added calcium absorbed from Vitamin D supplementation deposited in
your bones and not your veins thus preventing osteoporous and hardening of
your arteries while slowing and preventing cancers- a real Trifecta!!!

The only way to tell is by 25(OH)D blood tests which can be gotten for a
reduced rate~$35 before June 6 th at or calling 1-800-544-4440 to
sign-up and pay for the test thru a blood draw at a local LabCorp Blood draw
clinic locally in Richmond (no Doctor needed but not covered by insurance).
Vitamin K2 supplements can obtained as Super Vitamin K from My
genetic analysis thru 23 and Me and show I am poor vitamin D
absorber(~60% of average) so I need twice the supplement level to get my blood
levels the same as my wife's. The average Vitamin D3 supplement level in our
group as reported to me in 2011 by 60 men was 8660 IU.

But only about half of the men taking the high levels close to 10,000 IU were
able to get into 60 to 80 ng/ml range. We all differ in our absorption and
metabolism of Vitamin D so you could take between 5,000 to 10,000 IU per day for
three months and have a blood to see where you are and increase or decrease your
blood levels as needed. You can get your blood tested up to 6 months after you pay for it with no problem. I buy multiple blood test which I can use after 6 months by
asking for an extension which they( have given me by sending new paper work extending the draw date.

In report of the level Vitamin D of 6000 men older than 50 years old tested(2011) at VCU about 35 percent where deficient (<20 ng/ml) and 40% more where insufficient (<30ng/ml).

If your skin is pigmented even a little more than that of a caucasian it has big effect on your chance of vitamin D deficiency from its lack of production from sun
exposure. See copied graph below. The resulting ill effects on health besides those above are: heart, muscles, brain, auto immune diseases, Lungs/respiratory, ,
frailty, aging and longevity "Etc, Etc, Etc!!!"*

*Quoted from The King and I.

All the Best, Peter
Us Too warriors (4/28/17)
In 2011, I surveyed our group on Vitamin D3 Use and found the average dose of the 60 responders
was 8,660 I.U. of vitamin D3/day. Of these men, 80% were above 40ng/ml of blood and 10% above 75 ng/ml
to 100ng/ml. The Men below 40ng/ml used less than 3000 IU of Vitamin D3 and the men with 75 to 100ng/ml
used 10,000 to 15,000 IU of Vitamin D3/day.

Low vitamin D status is associated with inflammation in patients with prostate cancer.
Link: Vitamin D3
Us Too warriors (4/21/17)
Us Too Warriors, Information about infectious biopsy and radiation treatment you can use.

Clinical comparison of the efficacy of three different bowel preparation methods on the infectious
complications following transrectal ultrasonography guided prostate biopsy in nursing practice.

Link: infectious
Us Too Warriors, I have been able to save about $1000 a year by using "Express Scripts" for about 5 years during which time I was on Anthem while working and now on Medicare while working part time. I have been able to sign my son, an elementary School teacher in newport news and my brother on medicare. An example of the savings:CVS wanted $180 for 30 days of an antibiotic for my brother But express scripts only charge $7 dollars for 90 days of the same pill.

Most of my prescriptions cost $7 for 90 days. The number to call is 1-800-572-4098 and ask to speak to an operator. You may already be in their system . My son was. Ask them any questions you have about how it operates. They have my charge card on fill to pay for the pills. You have to have your doctor send the prescription electronically to Express scripts for you. When I was working they would automatically send refills my prescription before I ran out as long as I had refills left. But now on medicare I have remember to cal in the prescription about 9 days before I run out to get it in time. There is no charge for mailing.

Give it a try you will like the convenience of not waiting to get your prescription filled at the local pharmacy.

Click on Our Link for the Website
"Express Scripts"
or Go To
UsToo Warriors, This new imaging technique [Fluciclovine F18] became available as September 15, 2017. It has the potential of detecting my PCa recurrence sites at more than 85% level compared with less that 5% chance. with CT of the prostate bed and bone scans. It may not work as well if you are on ADT as the detection radioactivity is best absorbed in rapid/aggressive cancers and if the ADT is working the cancer will be slowed. It still I believe involves the higher radiation of a CT scan.

I am still investigating it to see if I want to do it. My problem is that I do not like/want most of the treatments that are standardly used to treat recurrent PCa after surgery. The only ones I might consider if I could find a qualified Doctor to pursue would be precision radiation (radiation Knife) to only bone or lymph node lesion or laser focal therapy to prostate bed etc.

Notice: this Imaging technique may light up other cancers beside PCa present which may be good or confusing until the kind of cancer is known??? For example it may light up a melanoma metastasis if I have one???

It is not a good idea to have imaging tests done unless you know how you can use the information to guide (improve) treatment or to see if the treatment is effective (only if there is a not less invasive way) . The ill effect of extra radiation from imaging has to be weigh against the usefulness of the information obtained.

See the attached video to find out about this new imaging ability at detection. I will try to talk more about this at coming meetings. Next meeting is Thursday Sept 21 st 7 PM.

All the Best, Peter

Click on Our Link to read more
Fluciclovine F18
or Go To

Us Too Warriors, I have decided not to get the CT trunk scans and bone scans my doctor recommended because my cancer is not bad enough to be detectable by CT scans which produce radiation equal to 300 t0 500 chest X-rays.

It is expected that CT scans will produce 30,000 cancer deaths each year (more than the number who die from prostate cancer) 2% of all cancer deaths each year.

Before getting a CT scan be sure it is necessary and is good enough to detect your cancer as it presents itself in your body ( based on PSA level and the rate of doubling time see the information below)

You may have to wait for your cancer to get worse before you can detect it. I had to wait 15 years for my PSA get to 2 before I got a MRI to detect an 8mm ball in my prostate bed 23 years after Surgery.

Three year later and a PSA of 9 a CT scan would still not detect the cancer in my prostate bed or anywhere else in my body. MRI is much better in detecting small amounts of Cancer. I had a CT bone scan twenty four years ago, it did not detect anything and it would not be able to detect anything today because my cancer is not bad enough. 100 million dollars are wasted each year and 3 million people are exposed to cancer causing radiation with no benefit. Multiple scans rapidly compound the danger of radiation cancer.

Until my cancer gets worse, I will investigate the use of MRI to detect bone metastasis.

Please read the information below so you can be informed and protect your health..

All the best, Peter

Click on Our Link to read more
or Go To College of Radiology ACR Appropriateness Criteria update 2011.pdf

Us Too Warriors, It Is General Recognized That Radiation Therapy To The Prostate And Localize Bed For Pca Cure Increases The Chances Of 2nd Cancers In Radiated Areas. However - This is The First Paper That I Am Aware Of That Suggests Similar Concerns With Brachytherapy. If You Have Or May Plan To Have This Treatment - I Suggest You Pay Close Attention To The Symptoms Of The 2nd Cancers Describe So If They Do Occur You Can Catch These 2nd Cancers While They May Still Be Cured.

Click on Our Link to read The Article
or Go To

All the best.
US Too Warriors, I am going for a CT scan to see if they can find why my PSA is Going up??? I am not a fan of CT scans. I do not think they have good resolution and too much radiation that may be cancer causing in time.

See below for ways to protect yourself from radiation from The CT scan. As we age, we will be asked to have more CT scans to help the doctors find out what ails us. Please take precautions as outlined below to keep from having more cancer problems.

Click on Our Link to read The Article
CT Scan
or Go To

All the best.

Us Too Warriors, I had good News that the melanoma had not gotten to my sentinel lymph node form the pathology report. But my PSA doubling time has dropped to about 6 months which suggests I am going to re-examining my course of action which has worked well for the last 18 years. This is not unexpected in fact I have very pleasantly surprised it has taken this long to start to progress more rapidly. My strategy has been to survive long enough for research to develop some promising treatments as we have seen in the last few years. I am going to take advantage of them now to find out what I can about my cancer and how the treatments I choose will benefit it or not.

My first test will be for Circulating tumor cells(CTC) - which will show the # of these cells in 7.5 ml of blood. If the cells are less than 5 the survival is favorable. So I will check cell numbers now to know for a baseline and after 3 months of treatment to see if the treatment is working by lowering the number of circulating cancer cells. A new treatment is yet to be decided but I expect it to be Casodex. If I see signs of PSA increasing after I have been on treat for a while assuming the treatment works to bring down the PSA as expected, I will get additional CTC test to see what is going on.

Information about the CTC tests can be found at this website:

Click on Our Link to read more
or Go To

All the best.
Us Too warriors (8/29/17)
Subject: Okra

Us Too Warriors, The Okra seeds seem to contain lectins and the pod pectins that seem to act against PCa and other cancers.. Okra is also supposed to be beneficial in diabetes.
Click on Our Link to read more
or Go To
All the best

Us Too warriors (8/21/17)
Subject: Prediabetes

Sugar's average level over several months in the blood is measured by A1c level from a blood draw.
High A1c may be a sign prediabetes type 2 or full type 2 if high enough. This sugar in the blood is a big promoter of cancer growth so it is the reason we need to minimize sweets and candy. It also increases aging in general. The List below are some supplements that can lower A1c = average blood sugar.
Click on Our Link to read more
or Go To
All the best peter
Us Too warriors (8/21/17)
Subject: Stereotactic Radiation Treatments

This stereotactic radiation treatment looks very effective for men not concern with cancer escaping the capsule - not too far advanced. I do not see from the abstract the incidence of side effects but I think they should be less than in typical large treatment fields with higher dose and more applications. You will need to pull up the complete paper at the end to see if the evaluate these effects.
Click on Our Link to read more
Stereotactic Radiation Treatments
All the best peter
Us Too warriors (8/8/17)
Subject: Anti-angiogenetic Foods

Look at some food in the list below for possible selections to bring to our Pot Luck Dinner and to add to your diet to fight cancer. See Attachments below for more Ideas on how to fight your cancer by using food as medicine.

According to Li, resveratrol from red grapes, for example, have been shown to inhibit abnormal angiogenesis by 60 percent. Even more potent is the ellagic acid found in strawberries.

Other anti-angiogenetic foods include:
Green tea - Berries: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries,Cherries - Red grapes - Kale - Turmeric - Nutmeg - Artichokes - Parsley - Garlic - Tomato - Maitake mushroom

Logically, different foods contain different potencies of anti-angiogenetic compounds. But interestingly, when researchers evaluated a combination of two of the LEAST potent teas, for example, they discovered that this combination tea had greater potency than any given tea by itself. Click on Our Link to read more
Anti-angiogenetic Foods
or Go To
Us Too warriors (7/31/17)
Subject: Bromelain and Quercetin - The research paper and links below give you the information you need to fight your cancer.

Click on Our Link to read more on Quercetin
or Go To
Click on Our Link to read more on Bromelain
or Go To
Us Too warriors (7/12/17)
Subject: Red Meats - This research shows that red meats are a problem if you are prone to cancer. And if you have cancer it makes no sense to eat the little amount they think is okay- It is not. Also meat cooked or burnt at high temperatures is more carcinogenic!!!! Red meat adds to heart disease which often accompanies prostate cancer as the same bad diet fuels both.

Stay Cool and drink plenty of water!

Click on Our Link to read more on cancer, Diet and Red Meat
Red Meat
or Go To Meat.pdf
Us Too warriors (6/20/17)
Subject: At the last meeting, I reported on My Brother's Visit to Dr. Myers and the lowering of his PSA with Milk Thistle after there was an up tick in his PSA on Xtandi and other big $$$$ cancer drugs. Dr. Myers asked which source of Milk Thistle he used (Which was European milk Thistle from He also Indicated when he retires - he will be studying and writing on these supplementary treatments. Dose effect was evident as PSA went down on two pills per day, but started up again when my brother dropped to only one pill and at 1 1/2 pills (two pills one day and 1 the next) it went down again. (PSA taken every 30 days). I have taken 3 European Milk thistle pills every day for 7 years.

He indicate he was very interested in a supplements containing Ursolic acid such as Apple peels, Rosemary and Basil. I eat apples every day and add the spices to my stir fry. Grape seed extract is good too.

You the may find these two links of interest. My Niece sent me the first one.

Click on Our Link to read
Curcumin, Ursolic-Acid, Resveratrol
or Go To
Click on Our Link to read
or Go To
Us Too warriors (6/12/17)
Subject: Website with Discussion of mTOR cancer growth pathways and Natural supplements which act as mTOR cancer growth inhibitors

US Too Warriors, I hope you can make the next meeting as we will not have another until August for out potluck supper.
I have added the website below which discusses Blocking the mTOR Cancer pathway in which you will find that many of the natural
supplements that a lot of us take can have a beneficial effect in blocking this cancer growth pathway. I will try to explain
this when I discuss my brothers treatment by Dr. Myers along with two other men with advanced PCa who will discuss their treatments.
Click on Our Link to read more on mTOR Cancer pathway
or Go To


The liver performs over 500 life-sustaining functions, including neutralizing toxins.
Milk thistle, a plant native to the Mediterranean regions, has long been prized as a treatment for chronic liver ailments.
Human and animal studies are confirming these benefits.
Click on Our Link to read more
Milk thistle
or go to:
Us Too warriors (5/29/17)
Please find some papers below on off label drugs I have found helped me to slow my PSA rise after PCa
recurrence in 1999. I have used them for the times as follows: Metformin for about 2 years, dutasteride
and finasteride for 17 years, and doxycycline about 10 years. I have just sent these papers that were
requested by my second brothers GP Doc who has just prescribed them for him after I went with him to the
Doctor. My 2nd brother has arising PSA with a doubling time of 2.7 years - the same for the last two years
(this year's recent PSA is 2.8 and at this rate it will be 4.0 next year. Biopsy time. We will probably get
an MRI after we see what his PSA does 3 months on this complementary threatment. If you want to know more
about the dose levels email me. My First brother, (who Surgery 24 years ago and recurrence 10 years ago)
sees Dr. Myers has been doing well on Advance cancer treatment (Xtandi, Leukine, Metformin and Firmagon plus
supplements) I hope My brothers they will be at our next meeting June 15 th.

All the best - Peter

Doxycycline and other tetracyclines in the treatment of bone metastasis - Links: Doxycycline
MMP inhibition in prostate cancer - Link: Doxycycline MMP
The Rationale for Inhibiting 5α-Reductase Isoenzymes in the Prevention and Treatment of Prostate Cancer - Link: Reductase
Finasteride Inhibits Human Prostate Cancer Cell Invasion through MMP2 and MMP9 Downregulation - Link: Finasteride
Metformin use and Prostate Cancer Risk - Link: Metformin
Us Too warriors (5/29/17)
I am seeing discussions to the effect that if you do not kill the cancer with your treatment
you may make it stronger by selecting survival of the Strongest cell cancer cells.

At our last meeting there was a discussion of the Advanced treatments like Provenge, Xtandi and
Xytiga. They are new and not full understood or explored.

However, the attached file does a good job of point out what the oncologist are thinking know.
I think it makes sense to know about them and how they work to be prepared. And pray we will not need to
use them but to be thankful they are there if we do.

All the best - Peter
Links: Question
Links: More Questions
Us Too warriors (4/17/17)
As some of you may know, I have had some issues with my Kidney function recently
such as higher blood pressure, high creatinine, high homocysteine and low GFR.

These are all signs that my kidneys are not doing a good job filter waste products out of my blood.
Age isa factor in kidney filtration I have cut back on salt and protein and increased water intake.
There has been a modest improvement.

I am seeing a kidney Dr. today to find out more. PCa metastasis to kdneys is rare. But Hormone therapy
which I am not on yet may be concern if you are on it. see the following report.

I hope to see you at the meeting thursday.

All the best Peter

Kidney Failure a Possible Risk of Prostate Cancer Hormone Treatment: Study
Link: Kidney Failure

Us Too warriors (4/18/17)
Anesthesia is something to consider ​with prostatectomy. I felt I experienced loss
of spacial memory for a period after PCa surgery in which it was hard for me to visually
recall road connections i wanted to take to get me around Richmond in the years after surgery.
It is not much of a problem now.

Cognitive Decline After Surgery Tied to Brain's Own Immune Cells
Link: Cognitive Decline

RVA US-Too - 7:00 PM - Apr 20, 2017.

Us Too Warriors - Subject: "Block MMPs to Inhibit Metatasis and an Abstract on Minimizing

Us Too warriors, Our next meeting will discuss research on how MMPs can be blocked to
prevent metastasis. I hope you can make the meeting.

Below you will find an abstract outlining how dairy products (milk,cheese, yoguart etc) can
increase insulin related growth factors for prostate cancer. I often drank 2 quarts of milk
and much sharp cheese a day. But I have avoided all dairy for the last 17 years since my
cancer reccured. it would be wise to minimize your intake also.

All the Best

Click on Our Link to Download the Handouts and read about Red Berries & reduced Inflamation

Prostate Cancer Progression
PCancer Progression

Roles of Matrix Metalloproteinases and Their Natural Inhibitors in Prostate Cancer Progression
PCancer Progression Natural Inhibitors

How red berries reduce Inflammation
Red Berries

Does milk intake promote prostate cancer initiation or progression via effects on insulin-like
growth factors (IGFs)? A systematic review and meta-analysis.

To establish whether the association between milk intake and prostate cancer operates via the
insulin-like growth factor (IGF) pathway (including IGF-I, IGF-II, IGFBP-1, IGFBP-2, and

Systematic review, collating data from all relevant studies examining associations of milk with
IGF, and those examining associations of IGF with prostate cancer risk and progression. Data
were extracted from experimental and observational studies conducted in either humans or
animals, and analyzed using meta-analysis where possible, with summary data presented

One hundred and seventy-two studies met the inclusion criteria: 31 examining the milk-IGF
relationship; 132 examining the IGF-prostate cancer relationship in humans; and 10 animal
studies examining the IGF-prostate cancer relationship. There was moderate evidence that
circulating IGF-I and IGFBP-3 increase with milk (and dairy protein) intake (an estimated
standardized effect size of 0.10 SD increase in IGF-I and 0.05 SD in IGFBP-3 per 1 SD
increase in milk intake). There was moderate evidence that prostate cancer risk increased
with IGF-I (Random effects meta-analysis OR per SD increase in IGF-I 1.09; 95% CI 1.03,
1.16; n = 51 studies) and decreased with IGFBP-3 (OR 0.90; 0.83, 0.98; n = 39 studies), but
not with other growth factors. The IGFBP-3 -202A/C single nucleotide polymorphism was
positively associated with prostate cancer (pooled OR for A/C vs. AA = 1.22; 95% CI 0.84,
1.79; OR for C/C vs. AA = 1.51; 1.03, 2.21, n = 8 studies). No strong associations were
observed for IGF-II, IGFBP-1 or IGFBP-2 with either milk intake or prostate cancer risk.
There was little consistency within the data extracted from the small number of animal studies.
There was additional evidence to suggest that the suppression of IGF-II can reduce tumor size
and contradictory evidence with regards to the effect of IGFBP-3 suppression on tumor progression.

IGF-I is a potential mechanism underlying the observed associations between milk intake and
prostate cancer risk.

Cancer causes & control : CCC. 2017 Mar 30 [Epub ahead of print]

Sean Harrison, Rosie Lennon, Jeff Holly, Julian P T Higgins, Mike Gardner, Claire Perks, Tom
Gaunt, Vanessa Tan, Cath Borwick, Pauline Emmet, Mona Jeffreys, Kate Northstone, Sabina
Rinaldi, Stephen Thomas, Suzanne D Turner, Anna Pease, Vicky Vilenchick, Richard M Martin,
Sarah J Lewis

Evidence based Complementary and Alternative medicine

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Pomegranate Juice Metabolites, Ellagic Acid and Urolithin A, Synergistically Inhibit Androgen-Independent
Prostate Cancer Cell Growth via Distinct Effects on Cell Cycle Control and Apoptosis,

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Alt. Med

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PAN Foundation

The copay assistance program for individuals with metastatic prostate cancer has just opened at the Patient
Access Network (PAN) Foundation. This is a great potential opportunity for eligible men affected by metastatic
prostate cancer to receive up to $12,000 a year in financial assistance.

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You may apply online or call 1-866-316-7263.

Us too warriors

Doctor's payments from drug companies can influence doctors - even though the amounts may be relatively small.
Doctors are human even if we treat them as super humans or gods. If someone ie.(Company) treats them with a
favor(read =free product, device or money) they will tend to respond favorably in use or recommendation of
the company’s product with their patients. Some of these payments are for food so a company representative
can inform them over a meal about their product, how to use it and is one of the ways doctors stay informed.



Two-thirds of Americans see docs who got paid by drug companies: Study
Drexel University Health News, 03/16/2017

About 65 percent of those surveyed as a part of the study by Genevieve Pham–Kanter, PhD, an assistant professor
in Drexel’s Dornsife School of Public Health, visited a doctor within the last year who had received payments or
gifts from pharmaceutical or medical device companies. What’s more: Only 5 percent of those surveyed knew that their
doctor had received such payments.

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Has Your Doctor Received Drug or Device Company Money?

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What It’s Like to Be Part of a Prostate Cancer Support Group

Advocacy - We speak with two specialists from a prostate cancer support group about the ways this
experience empowers men and their loved ones.

Stigma continues to surround men’s health in general, and prostate health in particular.
Having a support network, however, can help to curb these threats. Terri Likowski and Ken Wilmarth
from Us TOO’s support group open up about the ways an organization like theirs can give
members a bedrock of information — and hope.

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Support Group

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Scientists use new 'blood biopsies' with experimental device to speed
cancer diagnosis and predict disease spread.

Researchers are using a new blood-analysis technique and tiny experimental device to help physicians predict
which cancers are likely to spread by identifying and characterizing tumor cells circulating through the blood.

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Blood Biopsies

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Life Extension Magazine

How to Reverse Markers of Prostate Cancer.

Despite prostate cancer being the second leading cause of cancer death in men, a raging debate has ensued as
to whether men should have annual PSA blood tests. The scales are tilting in favor of Life Extension´┐Ż’s
multi-decade campaign to educate men about the importance of regular PSA screening. Not only are there proven
ways to reverse rising PSA levels, but breakthrough treatments can enable safer diagnosis and curative treatment
without the side effects associated with conventional surgery and radiation.

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Meeting Information for Dec 8 2016

After the Us Too dinner on 12/8/2016 there will be a discussion on
"Preventing PCa Metastasis by Blocking MMPs

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Meeting Handout for Nov 17 2016

Us Too Warriors, We hope you can come to the meeting and bring
a copy of the handout covering ADT and its Possible Problems:

Cognitive – Depression, Stress, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s increase, Headache
Metabolic- Weight gain, Muscle mass loss, Fat mass up, Lipids LDL +/HDL -, TriGly. +, Diabetes
Physical- Fatigue, Muscle weakness, Falls, BMD -, Fractures, B. +, Sex organs –, ED, Hot Flashes
Heart - Heart disease ~+20 to 40 % if already precent, Diabetes, Insulin resistance.

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